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Fat and the Moon Bitters

Fat and the Moon Bitters

Fat and the Moon Bitters


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Fat and the Moon made bitters as starting point to help turn some healing attention inwards. Radical Self Care starts within.

Plant medicine supports systems. Mad props to the plants -

Gentian: Gets the blood flowing to the upper digestive organs. One helluva bitter root.

Chamomile: Tonic and bitter to support upper digestive tract, especially helpful for digestion issues related to stress responses.

Mugwort: Artemisia’s magic aids the system in digesting fats.

Yarrow: Yarrow’s bitter is all about tonifying boundaries- energetically as well as physiologically.

Anise: Eases the stomach, harmonizes the formula.



Drop a few drops of the Bitter directly on the tongue 15 minutes to a half hour before you eat. Do this on the regular for best results. You can also get fancy and add a half dropper to a glass of seltzer- apéritif style, and drink 15 minutes to a half hour before a meal.



- highproof spirits*
- yarrow*
- mugwort*
- gentain root*
- chamomile*
- star anise*
- organic*

1 fl oz