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Naturallogic Alpha Beta Resurfacing Mask

Naturallogic Alpha Beta Resurfacing Mask

Naturallogic Alpha Beta Resurfacing Mask


Product Details


ALPHA BETA has a gentle power. A delicate balance of fermented Pumpkin and the perfect amount of Glycolic Acid smoothes, exfoliates + encourages regenerative cell turnover without redness or recovery time.

AHAs (from glycolic acid/raw sugar) dissolve the intracellular cement that binds dead skin cells, promoting a complete exfoliation, removing dead, dehydrated and scaly surface cells, raising congestion, hardened plugs and environmental pollutants, while nourishing the process of new cell regeneration. The nutrient-rich pumpkin enzymes deep clean and decongest your pores, minimizing their appearance, making your skin look vibrant, rested and rejuvenated.

ALPHA BETA has a thick gel-like consistency and smells like pumpkin pie... a little sweet, a little spicy, with Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon + Vanilla. But these are more than just senatorial treats, ranking as some of the highest known antioxidants, helping to decrease inflammation while increasing radiance, skin tone + texture.

ALPHA BETA is beneficial for all skin. And especially beneficial for skin that is mature, acne prone, hyperpigmented, dry, dull, devitalized, environmentally damaged, needs a radiance boost, is in need of gentle but thorough exfoliation, or prone to congestion. 


ALPHA BETA is as flexible as it is gentle.
Use it as a skin jump start, every other day for 5 minutes, to keep skin gently exfoliated + encouraged towards consistent regenerating. Or use it for 20 - 30 minutes, 2 days a week, for deeper exfoliation, and some extra pampering with no down time.

* Acneic, dehydrated, congested, sluggish and weathered skin will likely respond with the most visible change, at first. Skin prone to blemishing and congestion will experience the remergence of clarity, and a clear & generally glowing complexion with protection against bacterial invaders & hardened plugs, staving off outbreaks.

* Normal and Combination skin types benefit in a preventative capacity, seeing over time the delay of the aging process. Devitalized, Mature and Sensitive skin types benefit by the promotion of healthy skin cell turnover, resulting in rejuvenation. 

* For all users, upon first use, the skin is freshly exfoliated, softened & deeply hydrated, leaving skin plump, fleshy and renewed. Regular use promotes over all even skin tone & the lightening of pigmented spots, cell regeneration, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring, thicker plumper skin in areas that have thinned, reduction in the appearance of pore size, and produces a deep down glow that radiates from within. ​


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