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Naturallogic Balance Cleansing Oil 4oz.

Naturallogic Balance Cleansing Oil

Naturallogic Balance Cleansing Oil 4oz.


Product Details


The oils and therapeutic proprietaries in this deep cleansing serum dig deep into pores to soften, dissolve and lift dead skin cells, hardened oils and plugs, environmental toxins and debris for easy removal - all the while infusing the skin with much-needed nourishment, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, promoting healthy skin cell turnover & production, and sebum (oil) regulation. 

Removes makeup with ease.

For Combination, Oily, Blemished, Acne Prone & Problematic Skin Types

  • Deep Cleanses Pores
  • Oil Balancing
  • Moisturizing + Nourishing
  • Aids in skin repair + reduction of inflammation
  • Evens skin tone


*     BALANCE leaves skin plump + moisturized, helping to train skin to reduce it's production of oil. For more moisture, do the hot cloth steam + wipe only once. For deeper pore cleansing, leave hot cloth on longer, rinse and repeat once or twice.

*     Steaming with a hot cloth can take the place of bowl steaming, to soften + decongest pores, for a deeper cleanse, and reduction in the appearance of pores.

*    Use BALANCE as the first step in your daily ritual. If double cleansing, follow with BALANCE Cleansing Gel for light exfoliation, repair + cell regeneration.

*     Skin does detoxify overnight, but there's no need to always use your cleanser during your AM cleanse. Prepare a fresh cloth and soak in warm/hot water. Hold the cloth to your skin for a few seconds, then gently wipe your skin. Follow with the rest of your ritual. Rinsing several times during your AM shower works just as well. Done! This is a great way to help your skin build and maintain it's natural protective barrier, while helping to keep your pores clean.


Store in a cool, dry environment, away from heat + direct sunlight.
BALANCE is naturally well preserved and has a shelf life of 2 years, but it's most beneficial to your skin if used consistently and as directed, from the day you receive it. Our skin + body care is made fresh from vibrant, food-grade ingredients, and the botanicals + nutrients serve your skin best if used while at their freshest.


High in Vitamin E, minerals + proteins. Deep pore cleansing, anti inflammatory + antibacterial. Gently nourishing + protective for irritated or rough/flaky skin. May improve the depth + texture of scarring.

Contains high concentrations of Gamma Linoleic Acid, helping to keep skin protected + hydrated. Anti inflammatory + soothing for irritated, dull + tired skin. Helps to reduce redness.

A liquid wax, almost identical to our skin's natural oils. Deep cleanses pores, removing excess oil + helping to balance skin's oil production. Rich in Iodine, helpful in fighting bacteria. 

Floral, exotic, citrusy and earthy essential oil, used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety + induce calm. Antimicrobial. Reduces skin irritation + the appearance of pores. Balances oil production.

Floral, sweet + slightly earthy essential oil, used in aromatherapy to relieve stress + brighten mood. Antibacterial + antiseptic. Decongests pores, balances oil production + soothes inflammatory skin conditions.